Minggu, 02 Januari 2011

Boom Beach

Sunset In the Boom Beach.....

This old traditional harbour is located on an old dock area in boom Banyuwangi. this place is always visited by thousand of people ,especially on Lebaran Idul Fitri day or on every sunday.
Wooden sailing ships, built of solid teak has no metal filting at all ,not event nails, are still load and unload cargo there as they have done for 300 years.
This postcard shows you a shop picture located in the Boomstraat street. road as the entrance to Boom Beach.
The postcard is sent from the Netherlands banyuwangi postmarked 1912 in the back. Photo shows the T-junction (or intersection). The road crossed by many pedestrians and chicken. On the way rain puddles visible marks that have become mud. The building behind the palm tree is a department store FH Gruyter. This page is lined with half-height wall. The store was also sold and postcards and maybe once a card is purchased at the store.

Old Boom Beach Other Photos

In this beach, You also can see the Inkai monument. This monument was built to commemorate the disaster that befell karate students who train at the edge of the Boom Beach.

Inkai Monument....


Swiming in the edge of Boom Port jetty

Opank, Dinda, Randhi, Ade, Me, and Machda in the edge of jetty in the Boom Beach.

Boom Beach. Google Maps Version