Rabu, 09 Februari 2011

SMPN 1 Banyuwangi

The special entry for our beloved school, SMPN (State Junior High School) 1 Banyuwangi.

My school is one of the favorite school in Banyuwangi. Now, my school is bearing the title RSBI or Rintisan Sekolah Bertaraf Internasional (Prepared to International Standard School). So, we very proud with our school.

Beside that, My school is the most oldest school in Banyuwangi. My school has existed since Dutch colonialize time, preciesly in 1914. In former time, My school name is HIS (Hollandsch-Inlandsch School). The mark as Dutch school can see in the 3 building that is left as the original.
But, the oldiest school pricipal archive that can be found is the 1948 archive.

The School Principal Name List since 1948
R. Ng. Aboe Joesoef Hadi Widjojo (1948-1959)
Ali Edyanto (1959-1966)
R. Mudakir Wongsoatmojo (1966-1969)
Moh. Sajidi (1969-1980)
Tohirin (1980-1983)
Samsi Niti Hadi Wasito (1983-1988)
Utomo, B.A (1988-1990)
Edi Suryadi (1989-1991)
Soejoto, B.A (1991-1994)
Mudhofir Alwie (1994-1998)
Purwoto (1998-1998)
Soewarto, Sm.Hk (1998-2004)
Drs. Sutijon, M.M (2004-2006)
Drs. Sujanto, M.M (2006-2008)
Dra. Hj. Enny Purnamaningrum (2008-now)

SMPN 1 Banyuwangi Gate

Many facility provided in my school such as, the comfortable class. and every class completed by television, VCD player, and LCD projector. Beside that, In my school also available
Math laboratory
This is a place, where students can study math with the enjoy ways. there are many tables shaped like flat shape, such as a square, a parallelogram, a trapezodial, a circle, and etc. guided by professional teacher, you can study math comfortably.
Physhic labortory
This place is located in 2nd floor. There are many tool, such as balance, magnet, electric kit, ticker timer, many various of rulers, many various of chemistry glass.
Biology Labortory
This my favorite room. I can observe very small things with microscope. Guiding by Mrs.Irmawati (Biology teacher). All student was enjoyed with Mrs. Irma's teaching.
Beside that. There are library, computer room, canteen, Mushola (mosque), UKS (School Health Unit) and green house.

SMPN 1 Banyuwangi's Mosque

One side of SMPN 1 Banyuwangi

We are pleased get the science from here.
It's really "Great place to grow up"


  1. Are your student use english in school? I d like to visit u re school cos my brother has been looking 4 jhs allround bwi...thanks