Sabtu, 05 Maret 2011

Blambangan Museum

Using Traditional House

This museum is located in the Disbudpar (Culture and Tourism Centere Office) complex. looked from the outside, this museum is shaped the bangsal and roofed the joglo. The rooms of the museum is like labirin. And in the every part of labirin, there are many historical things stored.

Using bridegroom miniature

Usually people use the bangsal (it's like small hall) as the venue of various events. example the Jebeng Thulik contest or the cultur-related events.

Paju Gandrung Miniature

When you enter to the main room, You'll find the batik cabinet, statues, many things from the stone age, and a drumset. This drum is ever used by Kunto Harianto to play drums during 74 hours. Finally, Kunto Harianto get title as the longest drumming from Guinness Book Record.

Kunto Harianto drums

Walk to the next room. We'll find the many various the knife. Of course, the traditional knife. Beside that. We also can find the terracotta. These are the ancient things found on Macanputih historical site.

Terracotta from the Macanputih site

Besides the aboves-mentioned variety of collection. This museum is also collect the Barong, Gramophone, Old radio, many various of statue, the kingdom clothes, and old money.

Old money collection

In here, there are also the picture of the Banyuwangi local heroes, such as Sayu Wiwit, Wong Agung Wilis and Prince Jagapati. The making of paintings is unique. Because, the Banyuwangi people never know about the real face of aboved-mentioned 3 heroes. Therefore, Disbudpar held the mystic ceremonies to call the soul of the heroes. And then, a painter begins to paint with closed eyes. In the painters mind, He saw the picture of the heroes and He draw it. If you want to see the picture of Sayu Wiwit, Wong Agung Wilis and Prince Jagapati, You can find it in the museum main room.

Kingdom clothes, still looked neat

Other Collection

You'll find the different atmosphere if you took time to drop in this museum. The dark and the lonely condition, increase the ancient atmosphere.
I'll be wait for you. There are many ways to enjoyed our city


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